Help Desk

Bench Call

Knowing your clients means knowing what processes they follow to achieve their goals and what tools they utilize to accomplish those tasks.

For our largest insurance client, the Covid impact required they provide a new type of support service to help their employees transition to a new way of working with their clients and with each other. They also needed this to happen quickly while still allowing for flexibility in dealing with a work situation which is changing rapidly.

Seafra got the call to create a transition team of help desk professionals to work with their internal teams to create an extended support capability which ensures anyone who needs help can get it. Whether it is talking to a live person, asking in the support chat groups or posting a question to the support blog, every request gets a quick response and all the gathered knowledge is shared. The Seafra team is well versed on the tools being used and the tasks our clients are trying to accomplish so the help provided is designed to provide the right level of support for the depth of the need.

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