Seafra is a technology company providing software products, consulting services and highly regarded customer service for over 10 years.

Seafra began as a software solutions provider and Microsoft partner. We have technical expertise for helping clients take advantage of Office 365, Power BI, SQL Server, SharePoint and the many Azure services Microsoft offers. We help clients securely transition computing payloads to the cloud while helping them best structure those process to maximize the cost savings possible in the cloud.

Starting in 2018, Seafra also became a Google partner by obtaining the expertise and experience required to allow us to offer clients a different set of cloud based platform capabilities and corresponding price points. With strong offerings in NoSQL, mobile messaging and mobile app development, we can help you take advantage of the strengths the Google cloud has to offer.

Over the course of the company history, we have developed a number of industry specific solutions taking the technical knowledge of our people paired with the specifics clients have in their particular vertical and solve problems as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

With product offerings for insurance, financial services, environmental regulation, wastewater management and warehouse operations. Many of these solutions began life as an on-premise offering but now reside in a cloud solution dramatically increasing the value offered by lowering the operational cost and allowing for an improved monitoring and support capability.

Seafra is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with sales offices in Chicago, Atlanta and Nashville.